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•  US maps, world maps, map of Europe,
•  States and Capitals Quiz, map puzzles of the US, Europe, Africa, Asia and many more.
•  Build a medieval castle and make a coat of arms.

Maps and Educational Software:


World travel

Maps and Map Puzzles

•  Online Interactive Maps of the US and the World
•  Map Puzzles - learn geography online  We have added Map Puzzles for iPad and Android
•  Learn US States and Capitals with a Fun Game 
•  US States, Capitals and Learning Map Skills Game
•  Quill's Quiz - New Mega US Geography Quiz  New 1100 Question Quiz
•  Online Atlas
•  Maps to Print - one page to huge (8 x 8 = 64 pages)
     US maps, world maps, Europe maps, Asia maps, Africa maps and more.  Free interactive maps to teach continents, countries, states, capitals, geographical features and cultural monuments.  Learn US and world geography with Maps that TeachClassroom Maps - use our maps in the classroom.

U.S. Maps, world maps, map puzzles

New US map with States and Capitals

Alphabet and Learning to Read

Learn to Read with Free Software from Owl and Mouse

•  Print Giant Letters - one page to huge
•  Learn Letters - Using basic shapes construct and learn letters of the alphabet
•  Letter Sounds - Games and activities to learn the sounds represented by letters of the alphabet:  consonants, consonant blends, vowels.
•  Teach your child the alphabet with Alphabet Activities
•  Bridge to Reading - Kids learn to read by reading in a fairy tale adventure.  NOW ONLINE!
•  Color Letters - Help your child learn the letters of the alphabet with a full page letter and an animal or object whose name starts with that letter.  An easy, fun introduction to our alphabet.
•  ABCs - Animal Alphabet - A beautiful collection of watercolor animals illustrating the 26 letters of the alphabet.
Learn to read Watercolor Animal Alphabet

Castles and Heraldry

•  Build a medieval castle, complete with walls, towers, gates, keep and portcullis.  Now print from your browser - no downloading!
•  Make your own coat of arms - shield - while learning about the Middle Ages, heraldry, feudalism, knights and chivalry.

Medieval castle

Make a Town, Village and Farm

•  Make a Town - the model town has 10 different houses and seven stores to print out and assemble.
•  Make a Village has five houses, an apartment house and a church with a steeple.  Kids can set out streets, decide where different buildings should go and put in parks and shopping districts.
•  Make a Farm - print out and assemble a model farm with barn, silo, chicken coop, etc.  Set out fields, decide what animals to have on your farm and decide what to grow to feed yourselves and your animals.

Make a Town

Active Learning Projects

     Learning is active, not passive. Learning is doing, making, building, arranging, figuring out, changing. Active Learning Projects has fun, hands-on educational activities for kids K-8 from the Internet. Projects for enhancing, extending, or filling in the gaps in your child’s education; "After-Schooling", homeschooling and teachers.

Active Learning Projects


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All of our Maps and Software

All of our reading, map, castle and heraldry and crafts software and activities.

U.S. Map Puzzle
     Learn the states of the United States and their capitals with this fun and educational puzzle game. How fast can you put all of the states in the right places?

States and capitals of the U.S.

Learn to Read by Reading with:

Bridge to Reading
"When learning to read is fun, children read"

Beginning reading

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