Launched in 1992, Owl and Mouse Educational Software started with software for learning the alphabet and beginning reading, using the power of the computer to engage multiple learning modes—spatial, auditory, and visual—to help children learn. The ability of the computer to be interactive and to show and interrelate location—place in relation to other places and place in relation to characteristics make it ideal for maps and geography.The computer can be both stimulating and corrective (instant feedback so that one doesn't learn mistakes).
Our site has been enjoyed by millions of people for over 23 years. We hope to give both adults and children a sense of how wide and varied our world is.Knowing where is the first step to understanding who and how and why. It is a necessary scaffold for further understanding.
Our site is used by school districts all over the US and beyond.Everything here is free for personal and classroom use but may not be sold or distributed.
Jerome E. Taylor has a BFAfrom the California College of Arts and Crafts, with a specialization in photography; and an MA in Political Geography from UC Berkeley.
Margaret Taylor has a BA in English from NYU and an MA in Immunology from UC Berkeley.
Rebecca Shapcott has a degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Cruz.
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We have maps, map puzzles and US geography quizzes for learning geography, and activities for teaching early reading.