Printing Asia Maps

Select the desired map and size below, then click the print button.

How To Assemble Multi-Page Maps:

  1. After printing the map pages lay them out to determine the proper order.
  2. Starting at the upper left corner (the northwest corner), trim the pages on the right or bottom edges where there is a dotted line.
  3. Be sure not to trim the bottom edges of the bottom row of the map or the right edges of the right column.
  4. Take the upper left corner sheet and overlap it onto the sheet to its right up to the dark gray line.
  5. Tape them and then continue across to complete the top row.
  6. Add rows one at a time.

Free printable outline maps of Asia and Asian countries.

Asia is the largest continent, going from the Caucasus Mountains in the west to the Pacific Ocean in the east, north to the Arctic Ocean and south to the Indian Ocean.
  Draw in the Himalayas—the largest mountains on earth, making a barrier around India. Kids can learn about the major rivers of Asia—the Ganges, the Bhahamaputra, the Yellow River, the Yangtze. These rivers are fed by the rain and snow falling in the Himalayas, an annual event known as the monsoon. The Gobi desert in China should also be labeled, and Lake Bikal.
  You can trace the ancient Silk Road, Marco Polo's journeys (not necessarily traveled by him), the journeys of Zheng He into the Indian Ocean, where the Portuguese sailed to the Spice Islands and beyond.
  The most important cities of Asia include Tokyo, Japan; Seoul, South Korea;, Mumbai, India; Jakarta, Indonesia and Bangkok, Thailand.

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