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       Help your child learn the letters of the alphabet with a full page letter and an animal or object whose name starts with that letter.  An easy, fun introduction to our alphabet.

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Learn the Letters of the Alphabet

     Color Letters prints full-page letters of the alphabet with an animal or thing whose name starts with that letter. ‘A’ is for Alligator (color him green), ‘B’ is for bear, and ‘C’ is for cats—all three of them.

     We live in a sea of letters and numbers, often jumbled, in many colors and type faces, some even decorated with eyes and mouths to further attract our attention. Recognizing and naming the letters of the alphabet—the standard ones—is the first step to learning to read. Out of all the shapes that meet our eyes, which are the meaningful ones? First, the letters of the Roman alphabet (our familiar alphabet) and the numerals 0-9. Surrounding a child with colorful versions of these symbols from an early age—even if the names are not yet known—teaches a child to pay attention to these specific shapes. From billboards to brand names on appliances, words and the letters they are made of, convey meanings.

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     Start with that most important word—your child’s name.  Print out the pictures corresponding to your child’s first name (the short form, if there is one) and have the child color the pictures and put them on a wall in order.  You can then do your child’s last name and middle name and maybe the long form of the child’s first name:


“Michael William Lee Johnson”

Note that our last example contains 12 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and four of the five vowels.  Add his sister’s name:

“Betty Sue”

and your child is familiar with 17 letters of the alphabet, and all of the vowels, including “Y”.  Most full names will include enough letters of the alphabet to be a good starting place in learning the names and shapes of the whole alphabet.

     Learn Letters:  Learn the alphabet by making all of the letters from basic shapes.  Free Software:

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Vary your child’s exposure to the letters of the alphabet:  Make your own letters from colored paper, or have your child color the letters before you cut them out.  Name the letters and name something that begins with that letter, as you go through the day.  Play “I’m thinking of something that begins with “__” and let the child guess what you are thinking of.  Then let the child name something.



Print the letters from this page:  No downloading or installation.  PC or Mac.



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