Find more maps and software      Children learn to read by reading in a fairy tale adventure. Your child reads and writes complete sentences. When learning to read is fun, children want to read.  






Bridge to Reading

     Your child will learn to read by reading with Bridge to ReadingFrom the very first page, your child is reading sentences in a fairy tale adventure.


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Bridge to Reading is:

In as little as a week, your child can make the leap from ready-to-read to reading "easy reader" books.

There are many activitiesbike riding, swimming, skiing—where you need to gain a certain proficiency before the activity becomes rewarding.  This can be discouraging to almost-readers, and make them into reluctant readers.  An animated computer program can start with a story from the very first page, so reading is fun from the very beginning.

The child is interested in what happens next in the story and delighted by his increasing skill. Words learned  in a meaningful context are retained in long-term memory, unlike words learned by rote. At the end of Bridge to Reading, your child will know 105 common words (including 77 Dolch "service" words), so your child will find many of the words in early reading books familiar.

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     Please be aware:   This is a LARGE download.  The sounds and  animations require a lot of bandwidth.
     Bridge to Reading
is not a small program!  It has over 50 scenes (backgrounds) and 12 animated characters in 7 chapters. Children learn 105 words in Bridge to Reading, 77 of which are on the Dolch "service" word list.  Word repetition comes naturally in the context of the story. There are at least 8 repetitions of most words so that reading it becomes automatic.
     Many Dolch words, such as "one", "of"  and "are" cannot be "sounded out".  The Dolch list consists of pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions, verbs, etc., which cannot be learned through pictures, but they can be learned through animations in the story.  The 100 most common Dolch words account for almost 50% of written English.  They are more meaningful when learned, from the first, in the context of an adventure story where the student identifies with the characters.

     Bridge to Reading will take about 5 minutes to download on a DSL connection.  It can take up to 2 � hours to download on a dial up connection.  If you have access to a DSL connection, you are allowed to make ONE copy of Bridge to Reading for personal use for your family to take home on a CD.







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Letter Sounds is a free program that provides young children an introduction to the idea of letter sounds and phonics. Children move a picture to the letter that the word that describes the picture starts with. A sound card and speakers are needed to hear the voice that makes sure the child knows exactly what word describes the picture and to reinforce the relationship between the letter and its sound.
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