ou realize that you have to get the message to the Earl of Bedforsham without Sir Malicham, near the fire, seeing you. You wait until you see his squire head out to the stables to check on the horses. After slipping out after him you whisper who you are and that you have a message from your father. The squire tells you to wait in the stable and returns to the inn to bring out the Earl on the pretext that his horse has a problem he should see.
     When the Earl of Bedforsham realizes what you are saying, he decides to ride back to his castle to bring some men with him to help defend the King. He urges you to continue, in your disguise, to the tourney, and convey your message to the Earl of Landenshire and Sir Ainsley. He warns you of a band of brigands plaguing the road you intended to take, sending two men at arms with you for protection. They will have to return to their lord at once when you are out of danger, before they are seen escorting you.

     The tourney is the busiest place you’ve ever seen. Many people are rushing about for the few bellowing orders to anyone nearby. You have never seen so much color in your life. The common people owned few things with any color; such items were expensive. Cloth was dyed with natural pigments, but most of these were close to earth tones to begin with. Most everything that peasants saw were earth toned, whether or note this was the original intention. But here are many bright colors, reds and purples and blues.
     Beside the knights and their ladies, and the many attendants for all of them, there are commoners watching, and tradespeople hawking their wares. You wish you could see better, but of course the best seats are reserved for the high-born ladies, and any knightly men too old to participate in the tourney. If you were here as yourself, you would probably be assigned as a squire to a knight, helping him with his horse, his armor and his weapons. However, as the tradesman’s son you are pretending to be, no one pays you any attention. They jostle you, get in your way and block your view.. The only people who are likely to pay attention to you are pickpockets, some of whom are undoubtedly in the crowd. As a lord's son, you are used to getting some attention at local fairs and festivals, but this is the largest gathering you have ever seen, and of course no one knows who you are.
    Shields are very difficult to see well in the jostling crowd. You cannot see most of them straight on; instead you see pieces of them, at various angles. There is a shield nearby that might be Sir Ainsley's. You have to be sure of exactly what you are looking for. You can't attract attention by staring at a shield and referring to your notes.

Sir Ainsley's blazon is:

Azure, a stag couchant proper

Read Roger the Herald's Notes on Blazonry for Beginners