nowing what shield to look for, you are able to find the shield of Sir Ainsley, and walk casually up to him. He is standing by himself, waiting for his squire to bring him some of his equipment. You bow and introduce yourself quickly and hand him the note. As a lord, he is educated and reads the note quickly. He asks you a few personal questions about your father to be sure of who you are. Handing you the note back he says, "Bear this note to the Earl, with all haste. I last saw him yonder, on the other side of the field talking to our host." As you leave him his squire returns and you see him pull the squire close to talk without others hearing.

     Ignoring the knights on the field rushing toward each other, lances out, you head for the other side of the field, trying to find the Earl of Landenshire. You have to be careful, though, because you cannot become conspicuous in the crowd by not watching the tourney. You also have to be cautious not to bump into someone important - they will crack your head if they don’t recognize you, and maybe throw you in the dungeon if by chance they do.
     You see these shields in the area near the Earl of Timmors, the host. Only the most important knights are apt to be there. Is one of them the Earl of Landenshire?

The Earl's blazon is:

Sable, a lion rampant or, in chief azure three stars or

Read Roger the Herald's Notes on Blazonry for Beginners