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South Sudan

Officially named the Republic of South Sudan, was not a country until 2011, having shared a history with Sudan. In the upper middle of Africa, the country was under Egypt's rule in 1956, and Egypt wanted neither what is now Sudan, nor what is now South Sudan to receive independence. Between 1956 and 2011, South Sudan was part of Sudan. Since independence, South Sudan has been trying to separate itself from Sudan in national identity. The US has agreed to lift the trade ban from South Sudan, which it not yet done with its neighbor, Sudan. Since independence in 2011, South Sudan has not yet to built factories and wells supporting the oil reserves it claims from Sudan. The literacy—especially among females—and maternal death rates are some of the worst in the world, as are health conditions overall. The Capital is planned to move from current Juba to Ramciel within a few years, though no date has yet been given

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