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The Republic of Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990 after being annexed in 1915 and being subjected to apartheid in 1948. Before that it was part of a German imperial protectorate until the end of WWI. Walvis Bay and the Penguin Islands became part of the country in 1994. The name derives from the Namib Desert, which is mostly in Namibia and is the oldest desert in the world. The earliest inhabitants were the San people (Bushmen), followed by the Bantu. The first Europeans to explore the area were Diogo Cao and Bartolemeu Dias from Portugal in 1486. It was neither explored, nor settled until the 19th century when Germany colonized the region purely to forestall the British from claiming more African land.
It has no enemies to speak of, but with the exception of Angola, Namibia spends more on its military than any of its neighbors. The country has one of the highest rates of inequality of wealth in the world and the second lowest population density of any sovereign nation. At 6.4%, Namibia has the second most white citizens of all sub-Sahara countries. 80%-90% of the population, white or not, is Christian. It is the fourth largest producer of uranium and exporter of non-fuel minerals. Life expectancy averaged at 52.2 years at last count, one of the lowest rates in the world, due to the high prevalence of HIV/AIDS and malaria.

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