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Surrounded by Djibouti to the east, Somalia and Kenya to the south, Sudan and South Sudan to the West, and Eritrea to the north, Ethiopia is the second-most populous nation of Africa. According to a 2003 census by the National Committee on Traditional Practices, sixty-nine to ninety-two percent of marriages are marriages by abduction. Following several dynasties that constantly changed language and religion, the 'Age of Princes' began in 1755, along with a period of cultural isolationism. The period ended when the British began establishing peace treaties with the country. The country suffered through The Great Ethiopian Famine from 1888 to 1892 and being conquered by the Italians in 1936.

Things turned around for the country as it freed two to four million slaves by abolishing slavery in 1942 and regained independence in 1944 after the defeat of the Italians by the British. Sadly, famines returned in the 1980's, killing a million people and leaving several million more hungry. However, the country went on to produce more coffee than any other country in the world and intends to increase its exports as of 2013.

Population: 693,877,025 [2013 est.]
Area: 1,104,300 km

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