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     Free Software tools to teach early reading skills in a balanced approach of skills and literature.


When learning to read is fun, children read.

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Alphabet, Phonics and Language

Use our free educational software in a
balanced approach to teach your child to read

     Your child should have alphabet and phonics skills, as well as the excitement of language, in learning to read. Use your computer to teach skills, so that you can concentrate on introducing your child to the richness of our literature (And you thought you were just reading to them!). Recent research favors an approach that is based on literature, but also teaches the skills necessary for the child to use to keep from floundering in the early stages of deciphering print.
     A computer is good at making skill learning fun and fast. A computer isn't very good at reading a story to your child curled up on the sofa at bedtime. Use a computer for what it does best, teaching enough skills to get the child reading, but concentrate on reading, especially reading for meaning, because that is why we read.


Construct alphabet letters out of their shape to learn the letters of the alphabet  

Learn Letters   Now Online
     FREE! Learn Letters teaches children to name and make the 26 letters of the alphabet. Using the shapes the letters have in common, the child is guided as he combines shapes to make the lower case letters of the alphabet.

Letter Sounds - learn to read

  Letter Sounds
     FREE! Pre-schoolers learn letter sound relationships playing a free educational alphabet game using the modalities - sight, sound, movement - that a computer makes possible. An early-reading activity for young children to learn beginning phonics.
    Coming Soon!
     Blending Letter Sounds, a new free software program. Children learn to combine the letter sounds they have learned.     
    Educational Software from Owl and Mouse
     This page is a list of all of the free educational software provided by Owl and Mouse Educational Software.
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     The dean of the Purdue University School of Education summarizes recent research on a balanced approach to literacy.
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For older children who don't like to read

  Mary Leonhardt:
The Keeping Kids Reading And Writing Page

     Mary Leonhardt, author, high school English teacher and parent, has written several books on how to get kids to love reading.

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