s you introduce yourself and explain your mission to the Earl of Landenshire, the knight he is talking to starts to smile at you, not a nice smile. You are reminded of your cat at home in the castle, when she is looking at a mouse.
The Earl, looking quite uncomfortable, asks you to go over to a clump of trees and await his squire, who will talk to you. As you pass by some bushes on your way to the clump of trees several people come up behind you. Suddenly rough arms grab you while a hand over your mouth keeps you quiet. You are half dragged and half carried behind a cluster of wagons. The knight who was talking to the Earl is waiting there. Could it be that you have failed to identify a major enemy of the king?
"Hold him until we learn who he is and what he’s worth"
You are thrown into his dungeon, to await ransom by your father. This ransom will likely come from what would have been your inheritance. You may now expect to become a wandering knight or mercenary, hoping some act of valor will attract reward and a place in the aristocracy. This will take a lot of luck and more skill than you have demonstrated so far.