o, that is the Earl of Bedforsham, a friend of the king. Thinking you have encountered two enemies of the King, you quickly leave the Pig and Whistle without talking to any one. You travel on through the night, a risky undertaking at the best of times. Knowing that many rich people would be passing on this road to the tourney, a band of brigands has set themselves up in a dense thicket to see whom they might snare. While they are overjoyed to meet up with such an unwary traveler as yourself in the middle of the night their welcome is less than friendly.

If you had recognized the Earl of Bedforsham he could have warned you about these robbers and maybe even provided you with an escort. Having failed to identify his shield you are now tied up and left by the side of the road, with nothing but your underclothes. You will have to beg for food as you walk your way home, a journey of several days on foot. You don't hurry as you feel that your welcome from your father may make the brigands seem like friends.