utting thoughts of your future aside, you come to your father's rooms He has been told of a knight riding towards his castle. As the knight tops the hill just before the castle, his shield will be visible. Since the country is nominally at peace (although the your father has heard several rumors of another plot against the King), your father will let the knight over the drawbridge into the castle. First, however, the he wants to know if this is a knight who is likely to be in on the plot against the king, before the knight reaches the castle gates. If he is someone likely to be in on the plot, your father does not want him to be able to recognize you, in case your father wants you to carry a message for him. Your father asks you to go up on the tower, to see who it is before he can approach the castle.
     Events are coming to a head. Letters from knights trusted by your father hint of a plot against the king. Your father stands loyally with the king, but many of the lords in the area are looking to their own interests and seeing what they might gain by helping in his overthrow. A problem has emerged -- Lord Devunne, under whom your father holds some of his most valuable lands, is said to be a leader in the plot against the king. Your father cannot be publicly seen to be warning the King as Lord Devunne might take revenge for any loss he suffered. Those who plot against the King are not always hanged for treason; this is reserved for lowly people. The king needs the lords, in general, more than they need him, as the king has no army of his own. While plotters might be sent into exile, or have some lands or privileges taken from them, they would still be powerful, and might well defend the King against a later plot by other nobles with whom they are rivals. Even if they lost their lives because of their treason, their lines would go on. Lord Devunne has a hot-headed son who is very jealous of any slight. Having him as overlord and being responsible for his father’s death would be quite unpleasant.
     As the knight tops the hill just before the castle, his shield can be clearly seen. What blazon do you report to your father, that he might know what knight approaches? Your father needs to know who to expect and how to act. Roger the Herald has given you a short description of the basics of blazonry to carry with you in case you forget any of his lessons. You can refer to it at any time:

Read Roger the Herald's Notes on Blazonry for Beginners

     Read all of the choices before making your choice!

Is the correct blazon for this shield:

Gules, a unicorn head argent

Azure, a unicorn head argent

Argent, a unicorn head azure

Azure, a unicorn head or