Active Learning Projects has fun, hands-on educational activities for kids K-8.      Active Learning Projects has fun, hands-on educational activities for kids K-8. Support your child's interests, fill in gaps in school, go beyond, move ahead, fit your child's learning to their needs.    


Active Learning Projects in Mathematics:

Grades 6 - 8
This site is a starting place for molecular modeling. Rather dry and "textbooky", but it covers some interesting material. Includes quizzes and models.'

No Matter What Shape Your Fractions Are In
3rd-6th grade
Uses cut out shapes to explore fractions and area

Drawing Fun Fractions   More Fun Fractions
4th-6th grade
Using shapes from Pattern Blocks, you are asked surprisingly sophisticated questions about fractions. If you can figure these out, you understand fractions. (should carry over to percentages too, I think.)

Brain Teasers
4th to 8th grade
Fun, but challenging--or should that be challenging but fun?--math puzzles for different age levels. The archives are the richest source of puzzles. These puzzles do not involve major levels of computation; you use logic to figure them out.

Word Problems for Kids
The "kids" go up to 12th grade and higher algebra. These are not "word problems" in the traditional sense; they are more puzzles or brain teasers, and some are quite hard.

Clever Games for Clever People
5th grade up
Tricky pencil and paper games, mostly based on being (or not being) the last player to pick up a peanut, connect a dot, etc.

Geometry Problem of the Week
A different, non-routine geometry problem every week; again with a solution given the past week. These problems are challenging for kids (and some adults).

Escape from Knab
Highly clever salary and budget simulation that contains enough real-world information to make it truly useful. Playing this game may help your kids understand "We can't afford it" even though, to a kid, you obviously have "lots of money" in your wallet--and insurance, utility bills, interest, taxes, etc. The game deals with salary and expenses, including the less-tangible ones, as well as credit cards, interest (in and out), living expenses and writing out checks.

Cash Register
Easy but clever simulation of the change you should get back from purchases of various sizes. It has pictures of real coins, but could use a little "story" or game to make it more fun. US money, of course.

Easier Fibonacci Number Puzzles
Fibonacci numbers—starts fairly easy—and simple—and gets more complicated as you go along.  The first part is a good explanation of Fibonacci numbers, but only math lovers are apt to want to go through the whole site.

Pattern Blocks: Exploring Fractions with Shapes
This program lets kids use the traditional six shapes of pattern blocks—triangle, hexagon, rhombus, another rhombus, trapazoid and square to form patterns and pictures on a grid.  Pieces can be rotated to form more elaborate pictures.  The pieces are also used to form fraction questions.

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