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Veggie Letters

A number of vegetables, and some fruits can be used to cut out the letters of the alphabet, though some vegetables produce produce much more colorful and interesting results.  You cut them out  just as you cut out cookies from cookie dough, with an aphabet cookie cutter.  Slice a very thin piece from the part of the vegetable with the largest diameter.  We found that the small metal cookie cutters worked best—the plastic cookie cutters required some assistance from a small sharp knife.  Or you can use the patterns for the small alphabet and cut the letters out with a knife, which is more effort, but works well enough.

Vegetables to be eaten raw can then be “iced” with peanut butter, with raisins stuck on top.

The garnet beet, the sweet potato and the blue potato (a variety of regular potato that is blue—both the skin and the inside--gave some of the letters with the most interesting colors.  You can also cut letters out of regular white potatoes and color them with food colors.  The regular potato and sweet potato can then be baked up like oven fries.





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