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How do you begin teaching  the letters of the alphabet to a child?

Start with that most important word—your child’s name. From the clothesline alphabet (the letters that fold over and stand up by themselves on a table, or that drape over a clothesline), print out the letters of your child’s first name (the short form, if there is one) and have the child color the letters and help put them in order.  Name each letter as you arrange it.  The next time you can do your child’s last name, and then middle name and then maybe the long form of the child’s first name.  The child does not have to spell the name at this point; only to name the letters in his name. This makes learning the letters personal and important.  Because it is something important to the child—his own name--the child “owns” his learning, and will be excited by it.
   “Michael William Johnson”
   Note that our example contains 12 of the 26 letters of the alphabet, and four of the five vowels.  Add his sister’s name   “Betty Sue”  (Betty Sue Johnson)   and your child is familiar with 17 letters of the alphabet, and all of the vowels, including “Y”.  Or add the name of a pet or a best friend, or even a favorite character. Most full names will include enough letters of the alphabet to be a good starting place in learning the names and shapes of the whole alphabet.  Try to print the child’s name on drawings, or a lunchbox, or print out the letters and put them on the bedroom wall.  You can even make a stamp with his name on it. After the child is familiar with the letters in his own name, and those in family names, teach him the rest of the alphabet.



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